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How to Download Engineering and General Geology by Parbin Singh for Free

Engineering and General Geology by Parbin Singh is one of the important books for civil engineering, mining engineering, metallurgy engineering, and geology students. It covers various topics such as the earth, geological work of natural agencies, structural features of rocks, physiographic features, the study of minerals and rocks, economic mineral deposits, stratigraphy of India, engineering properties of rocks, groundwater, earthquakes, mass movements, soils, geological investigations, dams and reservoirs, tunnels and road cuts, and improvement of sites.


If you are looking for a free download of this book, you may find some PDF files online that claim to offer it. However, these files may not be legal or safe to download. They may contain viruses, malware, or other harmful content that can damage your device or compromise your privacy. Therefore, we do not recommend downloading these files from unknown sources.

Instead, we suggest you buy a paper book or an e-book from a reputable publisher or seller. This way, you can support the author and get a high-quality copy of the book that is free from errors and plagiarism. You can also access additional features such as illustrations, diagrams, tables, appendices, and indexes that may not be available in the PDF files.

Some of the websites where you can buy this book are:

  • Bookslock: This website offers both paper books and e-books at affordable prices. You can also find other books related to engineering and geology on this site.

  • Ebooknetworking: This website allows you to search for books by keywords, authors, titles, or ISBNs. You can also compare prices from different sellers and choose the best option for you.

  • Sway: This website provides a summary of the book and a link to buy it from Amazon. You can also view some sample pages and reviews from other readers.

We hope this article helps you find the best way to get Engineering and General Geology by Parbin Singh for free or at a reasonable cost. Happy reading!

Engineering and General Geology by Parbin Singh is a comprehensive and well-written book that covers the basic concepts and principles of geology and its applications in engineering. It is suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate students of various engineering and geology disciplines. It is also useful for professionals and practitioners who want to refresh their knowledge or learn new skills.

The book is divided into 19 chapters, each of which deals with a specific topic in detail. The chapters are organized in a logical and sequential manner, starting from the introduction to the earth and its structure, to the geological processes and phenomena that shape the earth's surface and subsurface, to the engineering aspects of geology such as site investigation, construction, and remediation. The book also includes a chapter on the stratigraphy of India, which gives an overview of the geological history and evolution of the Indian subcontinent.

The book is richly illustrated with figures, diagrams, maps, photographs, and tables that help explain the concepts and examples clearly and effectively. The book also contains numerous exercises, problems, questions, and case studies that test the understanding and application of the concepts. The book also provides references, suggestions for further reading, and an index at the end of each chapter. c481cea774


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