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How to Download and Use EMCOPY for Data Migration

How to Download and Use EMCOPY for Data Migration

EMCOPY is a command-line Windows tool that was developed by Dell Technologies to aid the migration of data between file systems. It can be used to migrate data to PowerStore from any supported Dell storage system or third-party storage system[^2^]. EMCOPY supports the SMB protocol and has awareness for file-system-access-control settings. This support allows this information to be migrated along with the files themselves[^2^].

Emcopy Download

In this article, we will show you how to download and use EMCOPY for data migration.

How to Download EMCOPY

EMCOPY is available as a free download from Dell Support. To download EMCOPY, follow these steps:

  • Go to Dell EMC Unity: Available downloads and support tools for Unity & VNXe products [^1^].

  • Sign in with your Dell account credentials.

  • Under Unity Support Tools, click on EMCOPY.

  • Select the version of EMCOPY that matches your operating system and click on Download.

  • Save the file to your desired location and unzip it.

How to Use EMCOPY

EMCOPY can be configured to run regularly on the same file systems to establish an asynchronous host-based replication session. Only modified file system data is transferred when EMCOPY is run on the same file system multiple times[^2^]. The functions and use of EMCOPY are similar to Robocopy[^2^]. However, EMCOPY is supported by Dell Technologies, and it can be completed on an entire environment that runs on Dell storage[^2^].

To use EMCOPY, follow these steps:

  • Open a command prompt window as an administrator.

  • Navigate to the folder where you extracted EMCOPY.

  • Type emcopy.exe followed by the source path, destination path, and any options you want to use. For example: emcopy.exe C:\source D:\destination /s /sec /purge /o /r:3 /w:3 /c /cm md5

  • Press Enter to start the data migration.

  • Monitor the progress of the migration by checking the log file that is created in the same folder as EMCOPY.

For more information about EMCOPY, including details about the options and parameters, go to EMCOPY Dell PowerStore: Migration Technologies [^2^] or refer to the user guide that is included in the EMCOPY download package.

Benefits of Using EMCOPY

Using EMCOPY for data migration has several benefits, such as:

  • It is fast and efficient, as it can copy multiple files and folders in parallel and use multithreading to speed up the process.

  • It is flexible and customizable, as it offers a variety of options and parameters to suit different scenarios and requirements.

  • It is reliable and secure, as it can resume the migration in case of interruption and preserve the file attributes and permissions.

  • It is compatible and supported, as it can work with any Dell or third-party storage system that supports SMB and it is backed by Dell Technologies.

Limitations and Considerations of Using EMCOPY

While EMCOPY is a powerful and useful tool, it also has some limitations and considerations that you should be aware of before using it, such as:

  • It only works on Windows operating systems and it requires administrative privileges to run.

  • It only supports the SMB protocol and it cannot copy data from or to NFS shares.

  • It does not support deduplication or compression features of the source or destination storage systems.

  • It does not perform any data validation or verification after the migration is completed.

Therefore, you should always test EMCOPY in a non-production environment before using it in a production environment and verify the integrity of the migrated data after the migration is completed. e0e6b7cb5c


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