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Economically, wild pigs have the greatest impact on the agricultural industry in the United States (2). In 2005, researchers estimated that in a single night, one wild pig can cause at least $1,000 in damages to agriculture (53). In Texas, a 2006 publication reported that wild pigs caused approximately $52 million in agricultural damage annually (54). More recent studies published in 2016 and 2019 estimate that the annual loss to agriculture in Texas is approximately $118.8 million (95, 96). Impacts to crops are not limited to direct consumption. Trampling of standing crops and damage to soil from rooting and wallowing activities account for 90-95% of crop damage, in some cases (55). Standing crops are not the only form of agriculture damaged by wild pigs. Wild pigs also cause damage to hay fields, orchards, farming equipment, and fences.

theHunter: Call of the Wild 2019 Edition Free D...

The restaurant will offer 100% meat-free meals (of which 80% will be vegan) every Monday, and a selection of these plant-based dishes will be available on a daily basis. The new earth-friendly menu will launch on World Animal Day, 4 October 2019, to raise awareness of the destructive impact large-scale animal agriculture has on the planet and our wildlife, such as deforestation, drought, pollution and climate change. 041b061a72

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