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Lucifer Vol. 10: Morningstar Lucifer 10 Doc

the roman empire was start satans role on earth lightgiver ie]lucifer is as his name donates is light satan is oppressor they are separate entities he is also gabriel satan is michaael war is between them and christ is him that survives saviour the left hand god creator constantine destroyed truth for greed power keep accusors earthly empire intact so far he has managed thisl light giver has win over satans darkness he shall be saviour light will survive nero was satan and he can be seen overtakeing earth at this time light bearer will win i know this if a lie is poweful enough and made into bible which was edited beyond truth then that is what people believe it is man made followers light bearer will have light inside them it is knowledge of truth followers usurper satan will have darkness within its that simple world order has return truth soon the battle has begun in earnest

Lucifer Vol. 10: Morningstar Lucifer 10 doc

The name of Lucifer before it was lucifer is not the argument of this discussion. This is what turns people away from reading forms like this. When people think they know the answer to every topic. What ever the language was when adam was created; and what ever the holy spirit told the writer his name was, it was so. Everything after that has all gotten twisted.

also you are getting all the different translations mixed up, Apollyon is a GREEK work probly used in the greek translation, the word helel and lucifer are essentially the same word and they are not people just words for the morning star aka Light bearer .

He created you and gave you a oportunity to join him or get antoher path. Satan is the rebilion angel, he didnt created him, he created lucifer, but people change, and also their spirit.Now he wants to live in darkness and spoil makind, you can see him as a deep shadow, satan now is the son of the morning, dark, before light. 350c69d7ab


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