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Unsimulated Sex Scene Video HOT!

When Night Is Falling originally received an NC-17 rating for its graphic sex scenes, but this thoughtful drama has more than nudity going for it. Camille is a professor at a religious college who finds herself slowly falling in love with Petra, a circus performer she meets on the street one night.

unsimulated sex scene video

Curtis had very few nude scenes throughout her career, but this film is a notable exception. Thankfully director Amy Holden keeps this from falling into the territory of exploitation despite the film being produced by Roger Corman. Available with a free Shout Factory trial.

The main reason for this seems to be two-fold. The first reason why this obscure arthouse movie is doing so well is that it is one of the recommendations that come up when Netflix users search for 365 Dni, the Polish erotic thriller that has made headlines across the globe due to its graphic sex scenes.

The unsimulated sex of Love starts right with the opening shot (pun intended), which sees a character masturbate her male lover to the point of ejaculation, with the camera capturing everything from above. It is this scene, in fact, that is the second reason for the movie's sudden popularity.

This week, users of social media platform TikTok have been setting each other a challenge where they have to watch this opening scene and film their reaction. For example, one reaction video to this masturbation scene sees a woman say: "That's a real penis. How is that allowed on Netflix!" and "how is this a movie?!"


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