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Latin Naughty America

WASHINGTON—Being a buffoon can buy a lot of time in international politics—you can do naughty things for a long while before people begin to take them seriously. This is the case of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, whose relationship with Iran was the subject of a recent presentation by Robert Morgenthau, the legendary Manhattan district attorney.

latin naughty america

The banana is a cultural symbol that has a powerful history of marketing and manipulation. In addition to its examination of the social and political history of the banana, United Fruit also examines the playful place of the banana in pop culture as the central prop in suggestive jokes and naughty humor. As much as there is a prohibition against stating the obvious, the force of the banana as a phallic symbol cannot be ignored.Fallen Fruit, United Fruit (2009)

"I want to know!" she exclaimed, laying down her tools and drawing offher old gloves; "if here ain't Nephew John and Jackie and that naughtyCynthy. Well, well! And this must be the bride." And she hurried downthe path to meet them. 041b061a72

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