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One rumor had it that the IDSA (the Interactive Digital Software Association, which is responsible for the show) had regulated the traffic of the babes, limiting them to their respective booths. However, IDSA spokespeople denied any such regulation, saying simply that the association charged a fee for permission for someone to walk the floor distributing freebies, just like last year.

Not that there weren't still women in what could be construed as degrading positions -- the caged dancer gyrating while a DJ spun records, the shadow dancers at MGM's "Tomorrow Never Dies" section and the bouncing Eidos women with white T-shirts stretched so tightly across their chests that you couldn't miss their nipples. (As they flung T-shirts into a large crowd of men fixed before the Eidos booth, they shouted "Who has the best booth?" at the crowd -- but I swear it sounded like "Who has the best boobs?" I kept waiting for the three girls to line up and have the crowd judge.)

Another longtime industry vet, a woman, offered the suggestion that the booth-babe syndrome had gotten more "sophisticated." Years ago, it was simply cute, cheerleaderlike girls handing out goodies, she argued -- but today it's matured into the frank sexuality of the Eidos girls. In her view, the star of Eidos' "Tomb Raider," Lara Croft, took the traditional video-game vixen to new levels -- she may be busty, but she's also been featured in fashion magazines, given interviews and may yet make her film debut in a "Tomb Raider" movie. Still, even Lara (animated on a video screen) and the Eidos girls stayed in their own booth -- you had to go find them.

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It's a big, silly, thick show--part pantomime, part It's-a-Knockout, part 1980's sitcom Bread, part CBeebies. It's the show that the BBC have been dying to commission for years, but couldn't find anyone from their usual flock of writers who'd turn in anything as knowingly base (Dent 2012).

One challenge to exploring Mrs Brown's Boys audience is the remarkable absence of research on the specific make-up and character of its viewership (and, as Freidman et al, note on comedy audiences in general, 'a woefully under-researched area' (2011: 123)) so discussion here must be speculative. However, as Danny Cohen, BBC 1 controller in 2011 noted, Mrs Brown's Boys ' audience is one that had gone 'missing' in recent years, it's working class roots and sensibilities largely absent from mainstream BBC television comedy, ignored in favour of a preponderance of middle class sitcoms (My Family BBC 1 2000-11, Outnumbered BBC 1 2007 ongoing etc.) (Friedman et al 2011). 041b061a72

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